Rubino has an international distribution network with presence in whole of Italy, the European Union and in other continents. The products are mainly distributed in supermarket chains within the Italian and European Union (Coop, PAM, SiSa, Tegut, Auchan, Rewe, WalMart etc.) and at a worldwide level they are distributed as Rubino brands as well as the customers’ own label brands. In short, Rubino olive oils are present - with our brand or with our customers own label - in 5 continents.

The Rubino's Extra Virgin Olive Oil possesses organoleptic, biological and dietetic properties, exalted by the exquisite combinations of the olive art of Puglia. We can safely say that olive oil is the essence of the Mediterranean diet and it is the result of that handmade work of ancient rural memory which considered the fruits of the land as “gifts of nature”.

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