Rubino has a history stretching back more than 125 years, serving and providing high quality extra virgin olive oil in Italy and beyond. The company was established in 1870 by Vito Rubino in Bari, Puglia region, Italy and until today, Rubino is still owned and managed by the Rubino family. Rubino started as a little crushing mill and has grown so that today it can boast its own lands and olives crops, refinery and conditioning factories. The company’s strong and long experience permits it to control the entire manufacturing cycle of olive oil, from the olive tree to the bottle. The Rubino's plants process more than 100 metric tons of olive oils daily. The supremacy of  Rubino olive oils has been built up throughout years of consistent involvements and continuous research and analysis from crop growing to product bottling to ensure best quality. Rubino is one of Italy’s oldest companies operating in the olive oil field. Rubino is also proud to say that they are the only company in Italy who manages the whole production cycle, from the olive oil tree cultivation to the conditioning, bottling and selling the olive oil, both bottled and in bulk.

The largest Italian production of olive oil comes from Italy’s Puglia region. In fact Puglia accounts for 1/3 of the whole Italian production. Puglia is known for the superior quality of its oil: fruity and sweet with low acidity. Rubino is specialized and skilled in the production and trade of all types of olive oils: Extra virgin, Pure and Pomace. Rubino produces and sells olive oils as extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, pure and refined olive oil and pomace. In addition, their rich experiences have allowed them to supply extra virgin olive oil in different tastes and flavors with different price levels according to market preferences and requirements. With its strategic position, Rubino is able to source best raw and semi-processed materials in Southern Italy, which makes up their major supply market, then follow by Greece and Spain. All of Rubino productions are checked and tested by their dedicated chemical and biological laboratories to meet the EC and IOOC standards for food certifications.

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